Feb 28, 2009


Jayron Afshar at 6:49am February 28
lmfao ahahahah "what would jesus do?" omg ahahan bitch u look bored makin all these videos ahahn fyi roxy lives out here now.. so dont try to make to go bacc.n ny is gonna be dumb poppn.. but my flight doesnt stop in atl =(bitch those numbers are notifications u dumb fuccwhat a waste of ur lifewaiitttt know what i jus remembered.. "yea im sorry my daddy was dark"lmfao ahahhaha

Jacinda Travis at 11:38am February 28
ahahahahahahahahahaha omg that was so funny! llmaoooooo yu suck .. why doesnt your flight stop here

Roxy Wales-Walden at 12:09pm February 28
you r a fuxking fool!!!! the end!!! lol ahahahahmm...get a life and 2nite go to club crucial!!! thats shit be poooopppiiin!!!! lolwell and it jerks♥ROXy♥

Jacinda Travis at 12:45pm February 28
lmaooo.. =] hehehe.. its soooo sad roxy it really is.. where did my life go. its like i turn 35 in two seconds.. lol

mann down; CODE RED!

staying away from the blogging for a while.. when i return, whenever that may be i will be sure to update you all .. i'll def keep reading your blogs, may not leave comments.. just bc i feel the need to be silent for a while .. im half awake typing this.. and one things on my mind.. [him]..
util next time..
ps.. i'll leave yu with this..
word of the day:

n, : the system of those sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future; indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another

Feb 25, 2009


Ladies, ladies, ladies..

if there isn't one thing people (excuse me a guy*) can't stand is a nosy female.
im sure your mothers raised you better (& i speak to no one particularly)..
im just making a statement.. there is nothing more UNattractive than a loud, ghetto,
rude, "stank" attitude female. HELLOO. thats a turn OFF.. & you wonder why you cant keep a "man" well honey thats why.. whether youre a hoe or a respectful young lady.. if you are loud, ghetto, rude, "stank" attitude and whatnot.. you will quickly loose whomever it is you have.
its better to been seen, rather than heard [FIRST].. and with that said..

the word of the day:

adjective, : Noisy or unruly.

Demanding? Naa Just Requesting.

This particular post was requested. Im speaking to you & i hope you fully understand me..
(lemme clear my throat)
you see when i open my eyes i want to smile
and when they close to reopen
i want to smile.
when i breath
i want that fresh breath of air to be givin to me
because you went deep to put it there..
what i want?
to make someone feel the same as me
to feel like that never ending question,
yeah that "why" question, to finally be answered.
and im sitting here listening to your music & whennn...
i thought i had writers-block.. the sound of your voice cleared it away.
what i want in a guy you inquire?
i want him to be my NyQuil,
my Dayquil.
could he possibly be my Tylenol..
relieve my pain, sooth my muscles,
clear my headaches away.. ?
would that be to much to ask.
what i want in the next guy..
well they say the next is the best.
could you make me regret not meeting you soona..
and i apologize if i confuse ya..
i want you to fill that void..
put the piece where its suppose to be..
& make me feel like another woman..
make my make-believe become real life fantasies..
oh so now its about me & my needs..
well give me time to clear my throat so i can speak..
someone like you.. someone of your character seems fictional.. but you are oh so real
and thats what i want.. some one to be an asshole ya know; check me when i "oops i fukd up"
someone to give me that "ooo yeaa" biting my lip.. no really biting my tongue because i said i could handle it..
aha playing the big girl role.. someone to pull my hair,
get liddle aggressive .. get me a liddle scared..
but remember what i want is for a guy to be able to make believe again.. to take me to "we're only connecting as.. we're only connecting .. only connecting as. us. are you willing to learn..?"

there. for once i spoke up.. & this is what i want..

until next time..

Feb 24, 2009


I was talking to my sister today about this situation that occurred between my best friend, her sister, and myself. I'd love to tell the whole story, however, that would be extremely to long and it might confuse you all. Sooooo, long story short.. I def learned a lesson today..

3 values to live by:
*there are principals that we as people should learn, understand, and follow.

*there are people who will be in your life for a second, a minute, and an hour.

*there are 3 types of people you will come across.. your reason, your season, and your life time.
I've learned that no matter how long a friendship has been, there is always be an end to the fun. I have learned that no matter what the situation is at hand, you always need to be the bigger person. I have also learned that, you know who your true friends are when you come into a situation and it isn't handled correctly, a person cannot sit down and talk to you one on one like a young adult & if there is a person (or persons) that cannot complete the task at hand, then they just weren't meant to be in your life & the friendship isn't worth fighting for. I will never beg for a friendship (keep in mind) however, I WILL fight for one when I believe it's truly worth it. Just thought to add this as well, you will find strength each time you cry, & life is like a car you have your side mirrors to keep you from getting into "accidents", you have your seat belt to keep you safe, & lastly you have your rear view. With your rear view you are allowed to look back: but only for a second at a time, because if you dwell on the past (whats behind you) you will not be able to steer straight and keep focus on whats in front of you.


noun, : guiding sense of the requirements and obligations of right conduct: a person of principle

noun, : the state of being a friend; association as friends: to value a person's friendship.

noun, : the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations

noun, : esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability: I have great respect for her judgment.

noun, : the quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness.
truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness
until next time..

a bit of poetry pt2.. WTH;

wth; these feelings i have are unexplainable
i feel as though my mind is moving so fast
when my heart has yet to play catch up
where does my heart sit; 
the left of breast 
or behind my vision
thought i could have it all
do i really have to choose
theres nothing on the line but my emotions
youre mental explosions are domestic 
as of now we're living off of impulse 
and idk if this makes sense to you 
but at the end of the day it is what it is 
and right now what is this?
wth; i cant sleep confused as a day
with clouds looking as if its going to rain
& the suns shining so bright 
its hurting me, it wasn't suppose to be this way
where did we go wrong? my ipod plays
& i say i will play by the book
but wheres the book for me to see what to do
when the day changes so does the page 
and i have yet to turn one,
in the front of my mind i have everything perfectly planned out
but as usual its the depths of my hearts where the real choices are to sleep
and maybe my intellectual thought process is above and beyond yours but 
thats something i can't help.. and im still attracted to you because of our differences 
and right now i have no direction, im letting my fingers do the writing im just watching
so bare with me if you have yet to understand where i am going with this. but wth..

i made a post the other day saying i would follow some new rules.
but i've seem to forgotten, i live life on the edge. i don't play by the rules.
so for now on im just posting .. fashion, poetry, thought/emotions, yu knw the reg.

Feb 23, 2009

a bit of poetry pt 1.

sometimes in life yu come across an unknown love

the kind that makes yu rush

makes yu wonder the 7 wonders

the simpliest thought of touch by a person

the bittering, arguing, & cursing

all the love, pain, heaven, & hell

you stick around wishing for the better


sometimes in life yu come across an unknown love

& when yure really thinking,

yure thinking yure in love

get ready for this.



Now I know I'd be probably in the wrong if I did this, however, my attitude is tattooed.. which means it's permanent, so i guess we should address it huh! Usually, I'd already curse the person out.. BUT this time I won't .. I wouldn't be gaining anything .. so I will just let it go.. KARMA is a bigger BITCH than I.. so I clearly have nothing to worry about.. ENJOY!
dj (2:06:46 PM): ddont call the #404
dj (2:06:52 PM): anymore
ms FENDi BBy (2:06:55 PM): um. okay, why
dj (2:07:16 PM): Y because i just said so
dj (2:07:21 PM): That's why
ms FENDi BBy (2:07:44 PM): i guess. thats sus. but iight.
like if yu just got this random a* aim from someone.. and all yu want to know is why.. now keep in mind, it's a person you *use* to talk to.. and *barely* speak to anymore. this person does nothing for me in or out of my life.. so either way idc.. just want to know yur thoughts..


SO you want to go out and just don't know what to wear. You see some things that catches your eye, however, you don't want to look like every other female prancing around in their stiletto. Well.. I don't mind helping you out.. Here are some eye catchers that stuck with me .. enjoy.

Ladies, you don't have to go out "trying" to out dress the other females by wearing the shortest, or the tightest, the most see-through, or reviling dress possible. Guys like when it's simple, elegant, and keeps a secret.. (the whole idea is to keep them guessing; yu dnt have to put it all out there) Well.. hope yu like what I thought were the eye catchers of the day.