Feb 14, 2009

Vday Bday.. What a Night

So today is one of my homegirls bday's and sadly i couldn't make it to her surprise party to celebrate with her.. however.. i still wish her a happy birthday..

Today is also Valentines Day.. So happy vday to you and yours with hugs and kisses...

I personally don't care to much for this day, other than the fact it's my homegirls bday. I mean I've never had a valentine or went somewhere with someone "special".. no gifts or anything.. i mean this is not including the one's you get from your friends when your in school and what not.. Well anyhow.. guess i'll tell you about my night .. boy oh boy did i have fun .. lol ... i went to this college party which was to celebrate this kids bday too. I have to admit, i didn't think it would amount to anything but woooo was i wrong.. i mean they had this drink that's called "swag juice" and idk whats all in it but it was good. it wasn't to fruity nor did it have to much alcohol in it. anyhow, the party was a "hit".. and i over enjoyed myself as well as this guy i met there.. well more like two guys i met there.. lol ;] after the party ended i, of course, stayed around a liddle longer because i road with my homeboy there.. i didn' mind helping clean up however this one really tall guy told me i was the guest and i was not to touch anything and that it was there responsibility. i could totally understand but i mean .. idk, that's the kind of person i am .. i don't mind helping other people with their mess lol..

WOW. wait. just tell me this. have you ever gone to a party and you pay no one attention because you know theyre paying attention to. lol .. well there was this one guy who walked up to me and asked me where my bf was and i was like umm.. when i get one i will let you know lol .. and he was like oh so that means i can talk to you and i was like aren't you talking to me now .. make a long story short he would not leave me alone until he got a chance to dance with me.. ommmgggg i was dancing with this kidd (i call all guys kidd) and here comes mr. stalker pulling my hand and im just laughing so hard on the inside because im not paying him no attention .. and i could see that me dancing with this guy was makin him lowkey jealous and he was watching my every move. even the guy i was dancing with was laughing and he was telling me that he was still watching me.. omg he said that the guy was looking at me and biting his lip lmaooo.. i mean he was soooo not attractive .. he had gold bottoms in his mouth and dirty dreads.. like eww get some style in your life...

well basically i had a great time and im not even home yet.. i stayed out and slept at my homeboys dorm.. so until next time ..


& happy valentines day!

Feb 13, 2009

close your eyes.

remember the china play set your parents or grandparents got you when yu
were a liddle girl?

remember your "crew" the ones who'd
always be willing to race on bikes..
even if it meant get hurt and scraped up..

remember when yu first watched love & basketball? haha.. that's my movie..

remember the first step you took when you became a teen.. 13,14,15.. where'd that step take you.. i walked right into some really good times. life then began for me..

ever spent a Christmas with the one you was in "like" with
how'd it make you feel..
i bet all tingly inside..

remember those birds that lived right outside your window and every spring/summer morning they'd sing the song that woke you up? ahaha i had one everywhere i lived.

ever skipped rocks across the lake, pond, or river?

ahh, heres a good one.. remember playing hide and go seek
and then it turned into hide and go get? ahaha (5th grade)

** remember all the good times you had when you were a few years or more younger than you are now? do you ever sit back and laugh at the crazy/adventurous things you did.. miss the friends you had to move away from.. or do you still keep in touch? the one person you were the closet with, did you lose contact and til this day wonder what he/she is doing, if their look has changed or the way they think .. im sure their thought process has matured lol.. i just wanted to sit here and remember with you all for a second. hope you don't mind.. (reggie i know you will like this post luv ya doll) until next time..


Feb 12, 2009

Yeah Her Too..

My niece just started a blog. Tehe.. I love talking people into trying new things!

She's 14, so I figure this was good for her seeing that her mother doesn't want her to have a myspace .. (lol).. but I guess that's understandable ..

Anyhow.. Show her some blog love because she oodee new to this..

anyhow, she only has one post for now.. it was late and she was due to bed, she has school in the am.. so i told her while she's sleep i'd help her get some followers .. so be sure to check her out.. by the way her names Brandi but everybody calls her Princess. & just in case youre wondering.. she edited her pic on her own.. she's like a real teen.. it's funny to me seeing her do all the things i do when it feels like just yesterday i watched her enter this world.. wow.. time flies.. well yea check her out.. the pic is also a link.

White Girl Got Hands

Laugh So Hard




On Twitter Today..

So, today on Twitter (oh shall i say since last night) I've run into about 8 followers. The net is becoming the place to be lol.. I enjoy speaking to the people i follow and those who follow me.. 

Keeping up with Fendi seems to be some work.. 

Also, some of my Twitter followers and Blog followers have added me on Myspace & Facebook.
Im really enjoying getting to know you all.. Can't wait to share more with you. Stay tuned. & until next time .. 


Soulja Boy * Wayne

Soulja Boy ft. WAYNE

Check it out.. haha.. i think wayne goes hard on everything he does.. and of course can get on anyone's track and
make it even more bomb lol ..


Feb 11, 2009


So, i've always had a twitter.. just never really understood it until recently. i mean just now type of recently lol.. i can't lie.. i actually dig the joint.. 

well if you have twitter then be sure to become a follower as i will for you... 

and if you don't have one.. feel free to sign up for one.. twitter.com

i guess i might as well throw a few more things out there while im at it, lol.. 

Karrine Steffans new book is to be released July 13th.. however.. her publisher might print the book and have it fully printed and finished with cover and all June 16th and available for pre sale June 24th .. woohoo! better believe i will be ordering it.. Pre-orders are available ONLY on amazon.com so be on the look out and also check her out on twitter and her site.. i love watching her video blogs.. she's quite the entertainer talking about all these ppl on her shit list and then just things that are going on with her and in her life.. 

Feb 10, 2009

Just One of Them Days..

Jdub: Yup u definitely will.... u already have an artistic eye and u a hustla...plus u can do all thru Christ who strengthens u
Jdub: Ya diggs?
ms FENDi BBy: yeah
ms FENDi BBy: i feel where ya comin from
ms FENDi BBy: but things is hard besides my sister and all the other haters not supporting me
ms FENDi BBy: im having guy issues
ms FENDi BBy: and once again it's jaemae alone and single on vday no cards no movie no cute bear nothing i know furshur it will be that way because the guy i like is in asia
ms FENDi BBy: and on top of that idk where we stand as far as relationship wise
Jdub: Remember haters and adversity always make u stronger.... always stay in the race and keep the pace never do too much at 1ce
ms FENDi BBy: but my ex hit me like yu better have somethin for me on vday and im like yur the ex boo i dnt want to get yu nothin
Jdub: Asia?
Jdub: I feel
ms FENDi BBy: yea the country
Jdub: The ex is trippin
ms FENDi BBy: highkey too!

Jdub: Well don't trip about vday
Jdub: I got one but I don't feel loved you kno
ms FENDi BBy: yea i feel
Jdub: I wanna feel warm and gushy and shit inside
Jdub: And right now im feeling cold
ms FENDi BBy: but still it's another year added on to ALL the other years of me being by myself ..
ms FENDi BBy: yeah me too and i dont think i like it
Jdub: And I think that worst than not havin 1
Jdub: But you kno u lucky to have them years to yaself.... it refines you.... makes you independent emotionally
ms FENDi BBy: yea but then when i get around a guy that im really into i have a high time guard up

ms FENDi BBy: and it's hard
ms FENDi BBy: i never know when to say what im feelin or thinkin
ms FENDi BBy: always think im movin to fast with my emotions
ms FENDi BBy: and to slow with my actions
ms FENDi BBy: shit be haven me all types of confused
Jdub: The best thing to do and its easier said than done but with everything *** men included is that you must take 1 day at a time you kno
Jdub: If you got one foot in tuesday another in thrusday ull piss all over wednesday
Jdub: Im slowly but surely learning that
ms FENDi BBy: never looked at it like that

Jdub: Yea.... its life you know.... there's a few rules that kinda apply to everything
ms FENDi BBy: well i mean
ms FENDi BBy: idk
ms FENDi BBy: this thing has me all like in my mind
ms FENDi BBy: that im just not worth anything
ms FENDi BBy: must not be
ms FENDi BBy: because every year
ms FENDi BBy: its the same lonelyness feeling inside and outside
ms FENDi BBy: i've NEVVVVER in my life had a valentine
ms FENDi BBy: never
ms FENDi BBy: and it's not fair to me
Jdub: I feel but take me for example I feel that way with sum1
Jdub: Ya kno
Jdub: You can do bad all by yaself
Jdub: Everything under the sky happens for a reason therefore this is for a reason
ms FENDi BBy: yeah i guess
ms FENDi BBy: idk
Jdub: All this alone time is to prepare you for your mate and to first and foremost to get to kno ms. Jacinda thru-n-thru
ms FENDi BBy: shit don't ever go right for me.. it kant win for losin i swear it's always a grey cloud over my shadow

Jdub:To love yaself
ms FENDi BBy: i kant even do that much
ms FENDi BBy: im tellin yu
Jdub: Can't fully love some1 till you love yaself fully
Jdub: I feel like that too if it aint one thing its another
ms FENDi BBy: theres no winin for losin in my life never been
ms FENDi BBy: i dnt feel cute
ms FENDi BBy: ppl keep tellin me im krazie skinny
ms FENDi BBy: i need to gain weight
ms FENDi BBy: they just keep tellin me all the bad
ms FENDi BBy: all the exterior
ms FENDi BBy: and intern thats messin up my interior
Jdub: But still I know and I assure myself that trials only come to make you strong you kno? I feel like thru out all the shit I've been thru something big gotta come my way
Jdub: And the same applies to you
Jdub: I feel
Jdub: U got be the gansta I kno you to be and shake them off
Jdub: People don't validate us.... if the did well be in someones grave
ms FENDi BBy: everything yur sayin makes sense.. it's just idk theres always an obsticle before a succez but i feel in my world theres just always the obsticle and nothing else thats it dead end

Jdub: Your are beautiful girl hacienda who millions wish tell could be in your shoes
ms FENDi BBy: thanks for the comp
Jdub: You kno the phrase everything worth havin is worth working for... I see it as a back up in success.... your promised everything which is owed to you....just not in your time....because if you got everything you feel your owed do you feel you'll sincerely appreciate itz,?
ms FENDi BBy: no, i guess not. its always better to work for something and then when it's earned feel the true appreciation for it

Jdub: And then evaluate yourself..... ask yourself what am I doin wrong... and am I truly grateful for the countles blessings I have thus far??
ms FENDi BBy: no, i honestly appreciate everything good and bad thats happened for me wether it was a lesson learned for a bad choice or it was a liddle blessing
Jdub: Not to get all biblical and ish but these sayings is soo true... the bible say be good stewart over the things I have bless you with so far and then ill make you ruler over many...
ms FENDi BBy: uggghh im drowin in tears and idk if its because everything yu say is right or just because of everything in all

ms FENDi BBy: i need to go to church seriously because i have all these questions
ms FENDi BBy: and im looking for answers
Jdub: one thing I know that God love is a giver with a cheerful heart
Jdub: Give time...love... you
Jdub: You are what's priceless... worth more than anything in this world... that is important because God honor sacrifice
ms FENDi BBy: sometimes i feel worthless though
ms FENDi BBy: like
ms FENDi BBy: idk
ms FENDi BBy: im not worth any guys time

ms FENDi BBy: im not worth anything
ms FENDi BBy: no emotion no feelings no truth no anything
Jdub: And when I said be grateful I meant never complain because it can all be worst.... its always good to not complain
Jdub: Well first of all men aren't all they crack up to be u and I both kno that
Jdub: Look past the men
ms FENDi BBy: i feel, i just only wish things were a liddle better in a noncomplaining way
ms FENDi BBy: yea thats true to
Jdub: Let me ask you something seriously... u miss ya dad? Or do you have complete closure?
ms FENDi BBy: i miss him but im so confused on if im allowed to miss him seeing that he was there when i was a born up until the age of 1 or 2 and then found me when i was 14 and left me he just left me so am i allowed to miss him

Jdub: Yea ur allowed but I think that's the root to one of ya issues
Jdub: How ya relationship with g-ma
ms FENDi BBy: i speak when i call her havent seen her sense his funeral

Jdub: Ya mom?
ms FENDi BBy: the same, like .. i dnt have a mother daughter relationship.. we dnt talk about guys and whatnot its not right to me feels like she's not my mom really for me to speak on things like that with her
Jdub: Well that what it is you don't feel validated by the people you hold the closest to ya heart
ms FENDi BBy: and what do yu mean by that

Jdub: I mean you can't get love from grandma or at least the type you want...and you can't get it from ya pops cuz he passed on...
Jdub: Your hunger for love
Jdub: But now its up to you to love yaself
ms FENDi BBy: i dnt knw how

ms FENDi BBy: at least if i do im not sure that i do
Jdub: Well u gotta step out on faith and try
Jdub: Get to kno jae
Jdub: The real one
Jdub: All atl, hollywood, and bev hills aside
Jdub: And know the inner makings of you
Jdub: Like my bf he sweet in his own way but he told me that I must first get in touch with myself before I can love him
ms FENDi BBy: i guess bc im so quick to want to love someone else i nvr took the time to love me

Jdub: Slow down you have the rest of ya life to love someone else but you got growin to do ya kno...I believe 1 never is fully grown till they love and kno yaself
ms FENDi BBy: true.

Jdub: Jae u kno I see u like fam and im here anytime u need me
ms FENDi BBy: yea i knw i really appreciate everything yuve ever said to me
ms FENDi BBy: thats helped me mentally

i full appreciate the words that where shared with me.. i honestly needed it .. because i was having just one of them days... (monica)... and i seriously didn't want to take it out on anyone so i waited until the end of the day where i sit and reflect and thought instead of taking it out to talk about it and see if there was any advice out there for me.. i always go to him* when i need some words of wisdom a quick laugh or just an ear.. thanks boo!

Patiently Waiting

im the type to get confused easily..
abused by love repeatedly..
heart broken physically..
mind confused; yea all mentally..
is it me or is it reality,
telling me this life wasn't meant to be.
well this life is here so it's meant for me,
but is this way?
is this the view im suppose to see?.
i often sit and think; yea contemplate..
pondering on the past like "what if this and what if that.."
thinkin about a few things that often get me mad.
i wonder will love ever look for me
or will i go blind straining to see?
well until love an i unite,
i'll continue to sit and let this time pass me by.

patiently waiting ; by me =]

Feb 9, 2009


i've been trying my best with helping this kid i somewhat know .. his music is undescribeable to the "T".. to sum it up he's in his own category .. and yes i really like his music .. it's soon going to be the type of music to take over .. yu just watch . and i know just about everyone likes this chill type of music .. better known to us as HIP-HOP.. no NOT rap ... theres a major difference .. get it together ppl lol .. any who .. add him on myspace .. i will be posting some music of his later .. oh yea check out his blog to ..


new sn: hehe .. i dnt mind anyone aiming me ..



ii WANT iiT ii NEED iiT

bomb. need i say more.. glass ashantis back ..


"The “Forever” singer was booked and released after paying 50-thousand-dollars bail. The LAPD notes that Brown could face additional charges once their investigation wraps up. Reps for Chris Brown and Rihanna, who have been romantically linked in the tabloids for months, have yet to comment. Get This Chris Brown and Rihanna got into a heated argument which was reportedly about how Rihanna gave him Herpes, which resulted in him giving Rihanna a messed up face and reportly broken Jaw. " read more

* now yu are more than welcome to share yur thoughts .. however, this is my opinion .. i dnt believe in guys hitting girls, however, because i once had a liddle run in with Rihanna; I would've hit her too, if I were Chris.. she has a terrible attitude .. and a smart ass mouth .. so i really don't feel sorry for her in no kind of way..
Though, on the flip side .. Chris didn't have to hit her.. he could've yelled at her .. or something .. and that's kind of what he gets for laying down with protection ..
now.. though he didn't get a late text.. he still shouldve worn a latex .. ITS A BOMB THING TO GET TESTED PPL.. DNT BE AFRAID TO KNOW.. KNOWING IS GOOD! and just because yu may be "IN LOVE" with a person doesn' mean the second yu figure it out yu sex without a rubber .. thats a no no .. meaning DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT 200, GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL lol .. if that makes sense .. but yea on a serious tip .. GET IT TOGETHER PPL .. safe sex is great sex.. and get tested .. knowing is beautiful! until next time ..

the makings of..

what are the makings of a hoe? what defines one, what are the details of one..

are girls considered hoes by the amount of sexual partners they've had.. if the sexual partners knew eachother (we're friends/associates).. is it where she allowed the sexual activity took place.. what she did or allowed to be done? .. or is it when yu just don't care about talking about what yu did with who and where yu mightve done it..? are yu a hoe if yu dont mind trying new things with different ppl, or just like to hook up with ppl (not random ppl; that's a liddle bizzar).. i was just sitting here wondering .. like what are the makings of a hoe .. i mean im not a hoe, whore, slore, or any of the other terms.. it just amazes me how ppl judge ppl based off of the things they do in their personal time ..

wth; fuckery

i mean wth is going on .. who hit who and for what reason's .. i thought (honestly) not to entertain this nonsense but as usual, i couldn't help myself .. i mean what kind of fuckery is this .. get it together people .. shhhesshhh.. and thats all im saying about it.

keeping up with the kardashians

all i know is these are the sweetest girls i will ever know .. (& i miss my khlo$) ..

anyways yu better tune into their show "KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS" on VH1!

Feb 8, 2009


sooooo, basically i had a pretty wild weekend..

and as bad as i would like to share my recent events,
i think i might just keep this one to myself lol ..

well i guess i will share just a tid bit.. i ate a lot .. lmao..! oh and i kept calling everyone bobby.. and now i got everbody callin somebody bobby.. hm; idk.. bobby..

but i did come to a realization on one thing .. but i dont think i know just yet how to approach it.. hm, think i need help .. yu see it's quite simple really when yu think about it, but then when yur actually the one "expierencing" it.. it's a whole nother ball game .. =/ hm; idk.. i guess i will just go with the flow.. until next time..