Jan 15, 2009


first i want to say, after researching further into my previous blog.. i've found that the law was made to abide by minors only .. and of course the disgusting adults who receive the pictures from the minors .. however if youre an adult then you are free to do whatever you like just as long as it doesn't involve a minor. and just to add my two cents .. i think this is one of the messiest laws ever made .. how did it just come out of no where .. anyways enough about that ..

i have a question .. is it just me or do you often go through this as well ..

how is it that i can help everyone else with their problems and yet i cannot take my own advice and help myself out with my "relationship" problems and questions .. ugggh .. what a mess .. its so hard to do anything with a guard up .. and i have no idea on how to let it down .. i just want to say whats on my mind and how i feel .. and let that be that .. well of course get a positive response .. this is making life complicated for me .. ugggh i cant deal! someone help me . leave a comment of advice if you will ..

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latest news.. gossip.. whatever you'd like to call it..

i received a text from my sister saying: better not send naked pics to phones the "phone law" is looking in to cell phones and on your pages (doesn't matter what site) and if you have them you will be charged with "sex ting". 6 kids in PA are being charged so tell your friends..

personally i don't do the nude or semi nude pictures and sending them to peoples phone .. however, if you do .. hey that's you .. that's whatever .. but just in case they are serious about this chill with forwarding your body to whomever is interested in viewing it ..

my only problem is .. when she called me to further explain this "new law" a few thoughts popped up in my mind .. she said 1) doesn't matter your age 2) its considered child pornography.

OK .. now what happens when those commercials come on saying do you want a Jena Jamison picture sent to your phone and she has nothing but a tiny bikini on (these are examples) and the simple fact that some people are over 18 sending these risky pictures.. shouldn't' they be allowed to do whatever it is they want to do with their phones and their body's? ..

now im not saying im for or against the sending of nude or half nude pictures, however, i do have plenty questions in regardS to the decision they've made .. i will do my best to find an article on this and post it.. for now .. leave your input .. do you think it's serious enough to go to jail just because you sent or received a nude or semi nude picture?

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heres part of an article .. click the link to view more..

"A 15-year-old Ohio girl was arrested earlier this month for sending nude photos of herself to other minors and was facing felony criminal charges for illegally using a minor in nudity-oriented material and for possession of criminal tools. If convicted, the teen could have been forced to register as a sexual offender annually for ten years."

now this i can understand .. SHES 15 .. still .. i dont think its that serious to be charges and convicted for it..

Teen 'sexting' craze leading to child porn arrests in US

SEXTING - teens love to send nude photos


"for those of us who fall for the sweet talker, but he always has an excuse as to why he can't come around...
you might think you have struck gold when he is in your ear with all of the "honey's" "baby"s & crap but don't let that fool you. His sweet nothings are just that. They are much easier to say than "I'm not feelin' you" Remember that actions speak louder than words...." (http://theenusoul.blogspot.com/)

when i came across her blog i read this very carefully .. and thought to myself .. wow .. that's so true.. like right now im kind of "involved" with this person who speaks of sweet nothings.. and i fall for every word that flows ever so smoothly out of his mouth .. its like it almost comes as natural as blinking for me to fall for those kinds of guys .. even though i know its just that .. sweet nothings.. i can never shake it .. the thought of it possibly being true sweet somethings is enticing. and i nevertheless continue to hope and dream that one day it is true and those sweet nothings daringly turn into sweet somethings..

tell me, do you fall for those sweet nothings?
or do you feed them the words of never ending possibilities?...

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Jan 14, 2009


listening to amy winehouse & talking.. im really thinking..

boy oh boy is this THE most hardest thing for me to do.. its really not as easy as it may seem.. expressing my feeling (emotions) doesnt just happen.. i get scared .. and right now theres a guard up but i feel its keeping me from saying how i feel when i feel it.. idk, but it takes a lot for me to like a person and when i do i like hard.. i dont do relationships because in the past ive been hurt.. i've had a "niggas" mind state for the past 3 yrs (lol.. tara) .. im to be honest its getting old .. im just ready for one thing and thing only..

Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game.mp3 - Amy Winehouse


and for some reason, people out in atlanta don't understand this fashion .. my friends ask me why do i dress the way i do.. why do i wear these strings, bands, and scarfs around my head the way i do.. silly people.. WAKE UP ITS 09 .. excessively long wavy (or straight) hair, big earrings, small jeans, jeans looking shoes, flat boats, long "lazy fitting" shirts, random color polish, and big glasses.. its the HIPPIE LOOK.. get into it. anyways i thought this was cute so i decided to share it with you all.. she's just to adorable!



Jan 13, 2009

do whatever it is you want to do .. work with whoever it is you want to work with ..

as long as you work with and from your heart ..

make sure every liddle thing you do is real no matter what or you won't get anywhere in life..

simple as that. until next time...



i thought this might be something interesting for other readers, besides those on facebook.

THIS WAS POSTED IN "NOTES".. (female writer remains nameless)

Do you ever wonder why it is so hard for a great girl to find a guy that's worth it ?You sit around and tlk to these boys that you swear have the best intentions for both u n him ...you sit in front of them and givin them all you got .but they STiLL play you ...Why is it that most of the wonderful and true girlz out there cant find a man thats worth it ? I read a quote the other day that said,"Girls are like parking spots .The good ones are taken, and all the others are either not worth it or handicapped !"Well we can say the same for guys .Now-a-days , all thats left are guys that make stupid decisions and throw away the good girls for easy hoes .Well, all i can say is, your loss ...cuz you never know what you have until you lose it ...and once its gone , you can NEVER get it back . And for all the guys that had me and FOOLiSHLY let me go ...i feel sorry for you ...you lost a GREAT girl .


Kenny Lewis at 1:15am January 13
I gotta slide throu and jus say dat girls are madd picky...and guys are more open minded to females.....and with that said other girls get madd an are quick to down grade another female if a good guy is talkin to them.... I mean im picky two but dam yall girls want everything and yall wouldnt see a good thing if it hit yall in da head.......No disrespect i understand high standards but yall gotta follow yall heart and not ur minds......and also dere is two side to a coin........basically sayin we go throu da same shit. yall jus talk bout it MORE..........JUS HAD TO PUT MY lil INPUT IN!!!!!!1

Kristen Brown at 1:21am January 13
lol thank you author kenny ...i feel you ..but i understand ya'll go through the same thing, but its not that we are picky . if you talk to a guy and he cheats on u or tries to play you ,it just happens . Following your heart is sometimes what gets you hurt . im picky because of what i have been thru .i cant tlk for everyone but i can tlk for myself . wen i tlk to a guy he has my ALL ...with me not tlkin to anyone else .and i still get played .so its not a fact of bein picky .TRUST i give every guy a certain type of chance ...but once i see u slippin even a lil bit i dont try no more cuz that only brings pain ...sooo ......the stereotype brought upon boyz are brought because they asked for it !

Kenny Lewis at 1:29am January 13
hahahaha....hate hate hate...chill ....girls think any lil thing that a guy does is cheating or sumhow they feel played..WHY IS DAT???????everyone fucks up and everyone shuld have a second chance...but yall get stuck in FUCK HIM mode and go madd wild...but i guess if u say so........But its not always us SOMETIMES IT YALL?????

Traice 'Tre' Brown at 1:29am January 13
Truth = trust.If you're honest with somebody then they should be 100% completely honest with you, regardless of love or friendship.if you're giving 50% and the other person is giving 50%, that's not good enough. Even in a friendship it should be 100% all the way through.

Kenny Lewis at 1:30am January 13
i agree son

Traice 'Tre' Brown at 1:32am January 13
Relationships go both ways, not just dudes and not just females.If you're going to be committed to somebody, then you'd do anything you could to keep 'em around.If you hear something from a homegirl that the dude isn't doing what he needs to, then honestly......how strong was the relationship in the first place if that's all it takes to leave somebody?


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Jan 12, 2009

You know, in the beginning I didn't know which thought to blog about tonight.. I still don't .. I'll just let my fingers do the typing (talking)..

TODAY: this whole day i constantly thought about appearance. they say appearance is everything, and indeed it is. now-a-days thats what people see first, then personality. it use to be personality then appearance. well, i've come to conclusion that im not quite satisfied with mine. shocked? so i am i. i know in my first blog for this year i said i like to reinvent myself and by doing so that included my hair and the way i dress. im still down with the change in how i dress, but i need to change my hair yet again to be 100% content with myself. idk, i think sometimes i keep my appearance a certain way not so much for my sake, my happiness, but for others. i guess i try to please others and what they want and think is best when it comes to my appearance. strange right? yea i know.. there are a lot of people (younger than i) that i look to for the latest trends in the fashion of hair. im just trying to complete myself .. im not sure really but i think if i change my hair now, then i will be elated and everything will fall in place. ok, so youre wondering what will fall in place if my hair changes.. well .. lets say this has a liddle to do with a certain person.. idk.. feelings are def there.. and theyre def strong and i just want to make sure that its not to perfect to where i get scared and get a feeling that it wont work out (thats what usually happens) but i want to just make everything easy. uggh .. does this make any sense? well until next time..

QQ: do you think its ok to change yourself as far as appearance to please others, or simply a person who's attention you want to catch? leave a comment .. the advice is greatly needed.

LESSON: (off topic) when you want to become a better listener, use your ears & not ear pieces baught from a spy shop. when you want to see what someone else is seeing to better understand them, just open your eyes & not buy spywear glasses that records everything.. to be a better friend all you need to do is be there physically, mentally, and emotionally.


sorry, i've been really busy lately ..

i'll be sure to post something interesting later ..

LESSON: promise are made to be broken. so don't expect nothing but that of.