Sep 19, 2009


at the moment i am listening to anthony hamilton.
its raining. there are 3 more days until my 20th bday.
by now i expected to be "wifed" up with a guy who has my undivided attention.
& im not. there air is going on and off (set to auto) in my apartment.
listening to that the rain and this music is keeping me calm.
for a second i was going insane about this one guy who left my house 50 days ago.
& yes that makes me sound a little crazy, however i only know because now he is
incarcerated 45 minutes away from me.
sitting here wondering why he hasn't called or text since the day he left,
comes to find out he was arrested moments after leaving my house.
he's been looking to get in some kind of contact with me.
he did.
the drug of joy ran through my blood stream.
"sometimes in life you run across a love unknown without a reason it seems like you belong" - anthony hamilton.

the rain has stopped.
the air is off.
the music is still playing.
and im sitting in bed alone.
i just want him back, i have a strong feeling he is my other half.

so, i have 5 more months left until i am done with school.
im anxiously waiting for the day to come and a teacher tells me how many hours i have left.
hours that will be completed in a day or two. uggh.
the great feeling of accomplishing yet another task that someone strongly doubted me on.

you want to know a funny thing?
so i have this ex that i once dated in highschool..
not that many years ago lol.
i express to him what i was thinking were my true and final feelings
and you know what he does?
tells me hes not worth my tears.
probably because his heart was somewhere else.
not because he ever done me wrong or was pathetic.
because none of those describe him.
kind of hurts to know that the person you have these types of feelings for
dont have them in return. idk what to think, say, or how to feel about that.
im so lost and confused., but i cant help nor control another persons emotions.
its only right that i learn to let him go.
& i have because im waiting patiently on who i believe is my other half.
& while doing so, i cant let my past get in the way of my possible future.

just my feelings im updating you all on.
hope you enjoyed me sharing my story with you all.

(post updated pics in a few.)