Sep 29, 2009

.. its been ..

so it's been a good minute.. actually, it's been about a week and a half since i've been at school.
WAIT! don't jump on my neck just yet. i was missing school to get money to pay my bills..
power was off.. but we're back on top :) new couch microwave George Foreman grill trash can etc...

anyhow, so today i had an interview with abercombie & fitch!
that was exciting! lol. hopefully i get the post i applied for.
later on today i will go back and apply for another position just to be on the safe side.

so i have anywhere from a week to two weeks before finding out if i am hired for the position.

well its been just about 60+ plus days and i haven't heard from the guy that left my house (from this day) 60+ days ago to find himself in an orange, gray, blue, or white uniform.. ugghh im going to be as patient as i can... i mean they do say those who wait get more than what they expected.
LMFAO ok they don't say that exactly but i did so yeah lol ..

anyhow .. im off to bed.. turning it in kind of early tonight (2:07am) im going to school tomorrow!

goodnight ppl