Mar 1, 2009


So as you all may know, I was taking a break.. well.. I planned on it.. Until I couldn't help but notice the sounds that I heard outside my window when I woke up this morning. It didn't sound like rain.. because that's the sound that put me to sleep last night.. & it wasn't the sound of the wind blowing the leaves that were laying around either. This sound was a sound of its own, as any, yet this sound was soft.. loud.. idk it was just it's own thing.. I can't really compare it to anything or actually describe it. Anyhow, I'd like to introduce you to REAL snow in ATLANTA, GA.. in MARCH!!!! note this is the first time (in my life) that I've ever seen it snow this hard, and this heavy, & actually stick.. my sister has to get the snow off of her car.. I feel like I'm back at home (Chicago).. well, it's not snowing that hard but it's hard for Atlanta.

ps. im going back on my break.. i just thought i should post this before it stopped and i become mad at myself for not taking the pictures. =] ..until next time..