Mar 18, 2009


just saw a few things as I was browsing the internet ..

tell me what yu think .. yes no maybe so .. or down right never?!


So today I learned about Sephora! Now I've heard about it pleanty of times before, but never reeally took the time to go into the store and see what they have to offer. Well, today my class took a trip to the mall for an assignment. As we came to a closing on the assignment, a classmate an I walked around and checked some of the stores out. She turned me on to Sephora. At first, I'll be honest, I wasn't the slightest into makeup. I DONT NEED IT. BUT, I'm starting to like it. Well, just like the peal on polish they have now, she introduced me to the peal on eyeshadow... comes in a box of 4 sets for $25.. NOT BAD RIGHT?! I couldn't find a picture of it on their site however, it is found in their stores. I feel in love today!

this was really kewl.. it's this sleek and portable shaving system is all you need to get smooth, stubble-free legs comparable to a professional hair-removal treatment. Get ready to go bare!

another thing im falling in love with.. EYELASHES.. this are so sexy, they just change an outfit completely .. idk why never wore them before lol.. Deluxe Lash Kit - Black Quickly and easily apply these false lashes with one hand and no mess. The contoured tip of this handy tool provides the perfect placement of these super sexy lashes and also removes them with ease. The soft, antibacterial storage stand retains the natural lash curve.Set includes Lash Placement Set, one set of black lashes, and glue.To Apply:Using the soft applicator tip, gently grasp lashes at the lash line. Apply a thin line of lash adhesive to the lash band. Let dry a few seconds until tacky. Close eyelid. Gently press the soft-tipped applicator just above natural lashes.To Remove:Gently grasp the false lashes just above the lash band. Gently pull from the inside, working outward to remove the lash. Store lashes on storage stand.

I've always liked eyeshadow.. but never really wore it to much.. and now I'm just wanting to buy so much so i can wear it everyday almost .. i love being a girl .. Smokin' Eyes... What it is:A kit that delivers a sexy eye and brow makeover.What it does:Benefit Smokin' Eyes... has everything a gal needs to create sexy, smoky "after hours" eyes and perfectly groomed brows in no time. With the blendable shades and a step-by-step lesson, even makeup-phobes can smoke it out like pros. When the sun goes down, this smoldering eye kit comes out to play!This set includes:- 3 Eyeshadows- Smokin' Liner- Brow Zings in Light- EyeBright- Tweezies- Fluff Shadow Brush/ Hard Angle Brush
Here are some video clips.. ENJOY!

Dear ME

dear me,

just felt as though i should write this for me to look back on someday.. im feeling a lot different now-a-days.. i see things in a different light, a more mature prospective.. im understanding the wants and needs.. the expected and least expected .. im understanding life and im seeing the changes im making as im growing up in this crazy world. well this is all i had to say..

just when yu least expect something, yur life changes in a major way.. & whether or not yu think yure mentally capable of dealing wit wudev the situation is, yu have to deal wit it & theres no running away from it. responsibility is a big part of our lives. i have no more room to complain, i take everything as a blessing & a lesson. Im a full time student; i go to school faithfully everyday up at 7 there by 8:45 & out at 4:30pm.. i work everyday.. never taking breaks.. & now, i have two liddle girls to take care of, & of course it's only right, theyre my God daughters. im going to put my all into raising them correctly & teaching them things i had to learn on my own. Life is a one time thing, don't take anything for granted. Thats my lesson of the day.

Mar 15, 2009


As I was taking a liddle break from the world I made a big change with myself .. I like it.. Takes time getting use to .. but hey .. wudev .. It's me or nothing, flaws and all .. lol .. (for those of yu who don't like short hair)