Mar 11, 2009


So it is .. 12:24 am.. I'm studying .. (i find that i retain the best information when it's really late).
I have been gone for quite some time & I think it would be quite the pleasure for me to fill you all in .. OMG IVE MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCHHHH! lol.. however i enjoyed my break!
Thank you all for commenting the post! Hope you enjoyed everything lol ..
Hm, lets see.. March 2nd I started work! (Doc Green; salad bar & grill)..
March 5th, I started school! (Empire Beauty & Cosmetology School)..
I was considering getting this truck, however, my mother is getting it instead & I am getting a VW Passat =] yayyy me!
I'm learning so much in school it's ridiculous.. I never knew there was so many interesting things within the field of "cosmetology' ..
and before you all go and judge me.. understand this.. I am an Esthetician.. a specialist in the beautification of the skin and body. I do not ONLY style hair, I engage in facials, nails, eyebrows, the care of skin, etc.. Before you judge me & my decisions.. YES I will & can make a living off of hair.. believe me, it's a high market & it's in high demand. Am I making a living off of it ONLY? NO, my goal is to become a well rounded stylist..
PLZ PPL DO NOT JOCK MY STYLE lol .. jp Im clearly fine with you becoming motivated off of my ambitions =] ..
The program that I am in will last me 11 months.. and then once I've graduated I will go to State Board and preform certain procedures in front of them as they critique. I will also take a written test there in front of them.
Following along with receiving my Masters in Cosmetology, I will then go to a fashion school where I will obtain my Bach in fashion. =] get my drift?
A stylist is not only one thing. Fashion is not only clothes.
I want to be fashion stylist capable of styling in all ways, forms, & fashions. I want to be able to do facials, make-up, hair, dressing "styling" a person, doing their eye brows.. ect .. ect! I want to be WELL ROUNDED! The more you are able to do, the more you will accessed and get paid =]
I will post pictures later on.. maybe tomorrow or some time before Monday!
i've been working so hard.
i go to school full time 9am-4:30 pm
then work.. not every day but 9 times out of 10 every day
& i go until closing .. IM WORKING HARD! & IM FOCUSED!
until next time..