Jan 20, 2009


So today is the first time I've ever heard about the term "INAUGURATION" (sorry if that's ignorant of me).. and today is also the first day I've ever seen the President sworn in. I'm elated that today I could witness such a historical moment in all of our lives. I never once would have imagined it. The difference with the dreams back then kids had and the dreams of the kids today is.. back then you'd never once hear a (child of "color") say' "One day I will be the President," and now, this day, or rather since the campaign for the 09 election began.. the kids of today can dream big! You will hear a child say' "One day I will be the President!"

Just to sidetrack a little.. Today was lowkey stressful.. I had to register for spring semester, get my financial aid form completed, and take the test that the school I'm going to requires. Next will be orientation (Feb 27th) then registering for my classes. I'm happy that I've managed to do this on my own for the most part .. I'm learning my sense of independence. until next time ..


Jan 19, 2009


guess it would be wrong to not post something on a day like this ..

i can't believe today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. birthday (one of the best days in the year)
and its a day to say tomorrow it's official .. my President is BLACK! this is a time that i never even thought would happen .. i mean it would've been a big deal if the president turned out to be a white lady .. but not so much as the president being black .. biracial to be exact! .. someone i could actually relate to will be running the place where i live.. wow! that's truely amazing ..

happy MLK day
and remember this day forever in time!

**we're only one step away from another day in history**

now i have something to get off my chest .. 1st i started reading this book call Flyy Girl it's really good so far and i cannot put it down .. anyhow .. it's only 11 more days until my Mr. Perfect leaves to go on tour .. and when will he return .. idk .. i try not to be to nozy .. good thing they made ichat .. because idk if i could 2 months (or however long he'll be gone) without seeing him.. i know one thing, i'll def miss my baby! until next time ..