Apr 2, 2009

it's been a minute.

so im up and im thinking, what is it that has me all baffeled in the mind.. what am i seriously getting out this "situation" this .. this "thing" we call a "relationship" .. i mean .. one minute we're super kewl and the next its like we dont know eachother. is it me? am i not asking questions that has logical answers to them?.. i mean idk what to do anymore .. and for some odd reason ... some very ODD reason, i continue to stick it out and just see where this can go..
im doing so good, here in ATL.. i really am.. im staying focused.. im gettin what i want (for the most part) and im doing things other than sit around and worry about what fit to wear to the next function.. i mean thats never a bad thing but it is when thats the only thing yure doing with yur life.. idk, i guess i can say im proud of myself for once and i appreciate all that was installed in me from all the ppl who took the time to mold me as i was growing and even correct some mistakes as i am now .. i really appreciate it ..

theres just something about ATL that made me hate it so much and when i say hate i literally mean HATE .. GREATLY DISPISE!but now that im back.. more mature, more of an adult there was nothing really i could say bad about this place.. it was never the place.. moreso the people who remained here.. theyre such bottom feeders.. like .. idk .. the worst word possible to describe someone and thats them.. so immature, so young minded, so petty and childish .. the games got old by the minute. im happy i didnt stay here for the years i was in LA.. hm, speaking of which .. im missing it .. but not missing it to the point where im crying over it.. idk when i go back i know for fact a great blessing will be there waiting for me to open it .. :)

enjoy the pics.. new hair color!

xxo mwah

hcharlie's angel

Mar 30, 2009

while i was out..

I baught a new phone, which means I have a new number due to people stalking me.. Seriously! I love it.. The blackberry 8300 I knw bb has been out and in but before I only had the bb pearl.. Which isn't ish compared to this one hehe..

I'm bloggin from my phone :)

Another thing I did while I was gone, well this is new. I colored my hair blackM pics will be up soon.

Nyt :)