Mar 30, 2009

while i was out..

I baught a new phone, which means I have a new number due to people stalking me.. Seriously! I love it.. The blackberry 8300 I knw bb has been out and in but before I only had the bb pearl.. Which isn't ish compared to this one hehe..

I'm bloggin from my phone :)

Another thing I did while I was gone, well this is new. I colored my hair blackM pics will be up soon.

Nyt :)


NIC-KIA said...

Yay! Blackberry messenger!
I love my crackberry!


Kimberly Michelle said...

Yey, congrats to you =(. My treo won't allow me to blog on my phone =/.. hmm, I need to relook into this treo thing -wink.

Enjoy it!


JAYFENDii said...

Hehe I love my phone.. Aha yea its def my crackberry too!