Sep 22, 2009


so todays my bday..
im officially 20..
no more of being in the teen years..
and still i have yet to really figure out just what it is i want to do.
my choices are: strokers (strip klub in atl) house night klub (in atl)
or join some ppl as they surprise me with whatever they have in store..

oh and remember i expected to be "wifed" up by now..
however, i am not.. still :( sad right? i know..

anyhow.. the day was ruff..
sadly, i had to "go there" with someone from my school whom i was helping out
on top of that.. as i said earlier, it's my bday and i have NOTHING to do..
the guy im oh so in like with is in jail (sucky) and he cant have any visitation..
nor can he make calls out.. :( what a birthday right...

so im on the Internet, as usual, and i see someone has posted on their status (fb)
that lil boosie is locked up (or turning himself in) for charges of a gun and possession of marijuana
and with good behavior he can get out with only serving a year though he was sentenced 2.

oh other news... my KHLOE (KHLO$) IS GETING MARRIED!!!
the wedding will be held at a closed location (I KNOW WHERE). . .

anyhow.. moving on to a new story...
how was everyone else day.. ?

today the weather was perfect
yesterday it was hurricane Katrina
and today it was perfect wth?!!!
ga weather is wakk..

oh went to this restaurant yesterday and filled out an application
hopefully they hire me.. the guy said he would give me a call back but i know
with restaurants you have to keep calling to let them know you want the job
so thats what i will be doing and thats what i did today.. wellll i called only twice
but that was between the slow hours so the guy told me that he would give me a call tomorrow
and if he didnt for me to call him.. bests believe i will.. :)

uhhgg feel like im talking to much..
this ends this post.. :)





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Happy Birthday love!!!!

JAYFENDii said...

thanks loves!