Jun 20, 2009

have yu ever

Its been a while since I last posted.. Been going through some things & the break was much needed.

Have yu ever been addicted to something with no taste no sound no smell just a soft strong structured feeling just features that would blow you away? Have yu ever been in a room with a person & every time yu make eye contact yu giggle have yu ever felt that liddle tingley feeling inside when being around someone yu halfway knw but knw somehow yu have the most feelings for.. Have yu ever wondered what it is that cause a person to fall for another even when they half way knw each other.. Is that what "love at first site" means?..

Schools been good lately there are 3 or 2 more weeks until I'm out on the floor working with clients & giving my cards out to possibly new clients.. I kant wait! Everything is just falling into place & I knw this is happening bc I have 3 angels watching over me!

Short poem:
For a second I almost got to the point of no return.. Just kept kuttin & kuttin until the pain went away & when I awoke from a dream I often wished were true the pain disappeared.

Good night..
Ps: updated look koming soon!


R.C. said...

I have felt that way about someone... everyone says it's just lust, but I beg to differ...

Amanda Allison said...

Good luck. Look forward to your next update!

Anonymous Priss said...

Yes! Even though I don't really believe in love at first sight. Maybe because I haven't come across it myself